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Why should you sell your DVDs to Sell-DVDs.com?

VALUE - We pay top dollar for your used DVDs. We also don't cheat you by making random deductions for missing materials. We either pay you the amount we promised or we return the item to you at our cost. To prove this, we took a random sampling of 20 popular DVDs and compared the prices we pay against our 4 closest competitors:

Remember the Titans$1.71$2.00$1.05$0.85$1.16
Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room$2.31$0.05$2.30$1.24$1.24
Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: Season 3$6.60$4.00$4.80$6.06$4.10
Greatest Game Ever Played$1.47$2.00$1.40$0.85$0.88
Twilight Zone: Definitive Edition: Season 4$14.40$15.00$15.50$12.02$8.25
Emergency!: Season 2$9.59$8.00$6.00$8.40$5.98
Breakfast At Tiffany's$1.85$0.05$0.25$0.85$1.11
Star Wars Trilogy$10.66$5.00$9.05$7.76$0.00
21 Jump Street: Season 3$7.19$2.00$5.00$5.42$3.94
Run Lola Run (Blu-Ray)$4.03$3.00$3.50$3.02$3.59
Orphanage (Blu-Ray)$5.26$1.00$7.15$8.55$4.98
Walk The Line$0.42$0.05$0.15$0.35$0.00
Outside Providence$6.00$5.00$4.40$3.78$2.72
101 Dalmatians$4.98$6.00$6.00$6.66$7.98
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Season 5$10.19$0.05$6.10$12.45$9.46
Usual Suspects$1.54$2.00$1.10$0.85$0.95
13 Going On 30$0.25$0.10$0.25$0.35$0.00
Fight Club$1.86$5.00$0.90$0.85$1.16
While we do not offer the highest value on every single DVD, we are consistently competitive and the total value of the 20 DVDs gives you a 13-57% premium over every other site. Prices obtained on 7/20/10.

SPEED - Unlike auction sites, you don't have to wait as much as 7-10 days for the sale to go through. With Sell-DVDs.com, the deal is done instantly, and you get paid as soon as we recieve your games. The cash is in your hand in as little as 2 days.

CLARITY - No tricks. No illusions. When you sell DVDs to Sell-DVDs.com you know exactly how much cash you're going to receive and how much your shipping reimbursement is.

TRUST - We only send payment by guaranteed methods. No personal checks, only guaranteed cashier's checks. Same as cash. Additionally, we reimburse your shipping costs rather than providing you with a shipping label so that you can choose the amount of security you want for your items. Delivery confirmation, insurance, signature confirmation, realtime tracking? Feel free to make it your business that we're handling and paying for your items at the time we said we would. All in the name of trust between us and you, the customer. The following is a real email from a customer who was compensated more than $220 in May 2010:
I recently submitted a large number of dvds to you and I wanted to take the time to commend you on your process (compared to one of your rivals 'C.F.D.A.G.'). The database search for DVDs by UPC code was fairly seamless and of course payment was swift. Out of the 300 or so DVDs I had to sell, about 1/3 of them were only worth $0.01 to you so I sold them to your competitor (submitted a day later), and I'm still waiting for them to complete the process. It would almost be a regretable experience if they were not offering between $0.25 and $0.85 for the DVDs I sent them. It was a great experience transacting business with you and I have/will definately recommend your site (as opposed to the other) to friends and family. Thank You!!!
J. Clark

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