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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Payment Questions
Quality Requirement Questions
Quote Submission Questions
Shipping Questions

I don't live in the U.S., can I still sell you my DVDs?
No, we currently only buy DVDs from customers in the United States.

My DVD is not listed on your site, can I still sell it to you?
No, we will only buy DVDs listed on our site.

Do you buy non-Region 1 DVDs?
No, we only buy Region 1 (United States and Canada) DVDs.

I sold some video games through sellusedgames.com. Can I ship them to you in the same box as my DVDs?

What don't you buy?
We will not buy burned DVDs (DVD-R, DVD-RW, etc.), DVDs that expire (ez-D), Divx DVDs, or mpeg-4 movies burned onto cds (divx, xvid, etc.).

Do you buy Blu-rays? HD-DVDs?

How can I be compensated for my DVDs?
We pay cash for your DVDs. We will transmit the payment to you through Paypal or cashier's check. Note that there is a $0.90 surcharge for shipping and handling if you wish to be paid by check. Check payments are processed and shipped by Wells Fargo.

How long will it take for me to be compensated for my DVDs?
We will remit payment for your DVDs within 24 hours of when we receive them. If you select to be paid by Paypal, then you will receive your payment almost instantly. If you select to be paid by check, then it will be shipped to you via USPS first class, and you should receive it in 3-5 days depending on your location.

Quality Requirements
Case Condition:
The DVD case must be in adequate condition to protect the DVD. This means the case must hold the DVD securely on the spindle, and close properly. We will not accept DVDs without cases. We will accept DVDs in Blockbuster cases.

DVD Cover Condition:
We will not purchase DVDs without case covers. However, we usually accept sets with missing slipcases.

Case Insert Condition:
We usually accept DVDs with or without the insert.

Disc Condition:
The Disc itself must be in playable condition. That means that at no point while playing the movie does it skip or crash. Light scratches are fine as long as the DVD remains playable.

Submitting A Quote
Can I add more DVDs to a quote after I've submitted it?
You can submit a seperate quote with the additional DVDs. Then when you ship your DVDs to us, just mention both quote numbers. Also, you can simply include the additional DVDs with your shipment and we will add them to your payout.

How can I check my quote status?
You can check the status of your quote by logging into your account and viewing your previously submitted quotes. Also, whenever the status of one of your quotes changes, you will be notified by email.

How are rejected DVDs handled?
If any of the DVDs in your quote are rejected for failing to meet quality requirements, they will be immediately returned to you via standard USPS shipping at no charge.

Where should I ship my DVDs after submitting my quote online?
After you have submitted your quote online and received the confirmation email, you should ship your DVDs to the following address (which is also included in the confirmation email):

PO BOX 203840
Austin, TX 78720

NOTE: If you are using UPS or Fedex for package delivery please use the street address listed in your quote confirmation email. Please be sure to write your quote number somewhere on the outside of the package to expedite payment for your DVDs.

Will you pay for my shipping costs to send items to you?
If your quote total is $30 or more we will provide you with a USPS mailing label to ship your items for free. If you choose not to use our shipping label we also provide the option of a cash reimbursement of your shipping costs based on USPS Media Mail rates. More details here.

I have a lot of items. Can I have more than 1 shipping label?
You can generate additional shipping labels if your quote is eligible. Login to your account, click on "Your Quotes" in the member section on the left of the screen, then select the quote you wish to print more labels for. If your quote is eligible there will be a link at the top of the page that says "Print An Additional Shipping Label". You are given 1 shipping label per $100 worth of items you sell.

I don't want to use your pre-paid USPS shipping label. Will you reimburse my shipping costs?
We will reimburse your shipping costs if your quote total is $30 or more. The reimbursement will be based on standard USPS media mail rates, regardless of the shipping method you use. We will accept shipments from all carriers. Feel free to use whatever tracking and confirmation you wish.

Can I ship my games I sold through SellUsedGames.com in the same box as my DVDs I sold through Sell-DVDs.com?
Yes. Write the quote numbers for both quotes on the outside of the box. You can also combine shipments using our pre-paid USPS label without problems.

Does the USPS label you generate include delivery confirmation?
Yes. The delivery confirmation number is given in your quote confirmation email and can also be seen on your quote status page. You can check delivery of your shipment by entering the number at usps.com. In rare cases when the USPS server cannot verify your return address you may be given a shipping label without delivery confirmation. This can be confirmed by the lack of a barcode on the label.

My delivery confirmation status says "There is no record of this item".
This is normal. The status of the package will frequently not be updated until the evening of the day the package is delivered.

Can I purchase insurance on my shipment if I'm using your USPS shipping label?
Yes. Take the shipment to a USPS branch and speak to an employee.

How do you recommend I ship the DVDs to you?
We accept shipments from all carriers. Package your items securely by filling empty space in the box with filler material. Recycle a box or purchase one from Staples/UPS/Fedex/OfficeMax/etc. Do not use Priority Mail flat-rate boxes with our pre-paid shipping label.

What if my shipment to you is lost?
Sell-DVDs.com is not responsible for lost packages. Please consult the shipping company you used about their policies regarding lost packages. We accept responsibility for shipments only when they have been delivered and are in our possession.

If you have any questions that weren't addressed here please feel free to email us.

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