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Free Shipping Offer
When you sell $30 worth of DVDs or more to Sell-DVDs.com, you will be given a pre-paid USPS shipping label with delivery confirmation for you to quickly and easily ship us your items at no cost.

Shipping Label Info:
If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, please install it now. Upon submission of your quote with more than $30 worth of DVDs, you will be provided with a link to immediately print or download a pre-paid USPS shipping label with delivery confirmation. This label will also be emailed to you. Simply print the label, tape it to your shipping box, and drop it off at any USPS location. Shipping tips as well as a sample label are displayed below:

1. You generally do not need to use the bottom half of the label so trim it off or fold the label in half.

2. Each label that is generated is unique. Do not re-use them. If you need additional labels for multiple boxes and your quote is eligible, they may be generated on your quote status page.

3. Do not place these labels on Priority Mail boxes or Priority Mail flat-rate boxes. Recycle a box, purchase a ReadyPost box at a post office, or purchase a box at a UPS Store/Fedex Kinko's/Staples/OfficeMax/Office Depot.

4. You can drop off your package at any USPS location. Place the package in the parcel bin near the "Automated Postal Center" kiosk or give it to a postal employee.

5. The delivery confirmation number for your shipment is included in your quote confirmation email. You can confirm delivery of your shipment at usps.com.

6. You are not required to use our pre-paid shipping label. You may ship your items to the address included in your quote confirmation email using any carrier you wish.

7. Do not tape over any barcodes unless you are using clear tape. Do not tape over the following highlighted section even if you are using clear tape:

If you do not wish to use our shipping label you have the option to take a cash reimbursement of your shipping costs based on USPS Media Mail rates.
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